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Buy in bulk:Get more goodsfor your money

For businessmen, it's nearly impossible to decrease costs for advertising, staff or other expenses.But many business owners overpay suppliers and don't even know about it.

If you think you got already a good deal with your supply firm, find out if that's true and let us verify for you. You will be surprised how many more goods you can get for the same amount of money, if we negotiate on 5 USD per item instead of 10 USD.

Usually we are able to find a much better offer which means you will import the same or even better products for a lower price.

Knowledge for startups

How to sell goods online? Problems, risks, mistakes and solutions.

This webinar shows you how to start a successful online business. Either with an amazon seller account, an own online shop or via dropshipping. Max Jin, the co-founder of import-secrets, will tell you more about how to find products, which products to sell, how to setup an online store and much more.

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Webinar for experienced entrepreneurs

Knowledge for established e-commerce businesses

After watching this webinar it might be that your profit will multiply. The co-founder of Import-Secrets Max Jin, explains the challenges for online stores in the next years and how to get the most wanted products for the best rates. In this webinar, we will discuss common problems that experienced importers fear and why our sourcing agent services can boost their business. Become part of our successful clients.

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