Service List

Product sourcing

We will use our relations to source the needed product. Our agents will offer you only potential manufacturers with suitable products and costs. You will get only the best options.

Product negotiation

We will negotiate with Chinese producers about the products. You will get the lowest possible price. Choose our packages depending on your preferences. Each package has different numbers of products that will be negotiated

Quality inspection

Our specialists will visit the factory/market where the products are manufactured, and check the quality of the product that you wish to buy. Specialists are located in China, which will increase the speed of inspection.


The shipping system is formed through experience. We will find the most optimal route for you. Your products will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Delivering of product sample

For new customers, we recommend ordering samples of products, before sending the money. So, we can organize this task, too.

Online shopping system consultation

Our experts will consult you on the online-shop sphere, so be sure that you will have an idea of what an online shopping / E-commerce system is. We will do our best to increase your chances of success in this field.

Consultation on tax optimization

Experts are specially trained and experienced, so if you want they can advise your company on legal import tax optimization. Don’t forget that we always take legal steps and never leave clients in trouble.

Shipping fee optimization

We could prove to our customers that we are masters in Cargo services, too. This means you will not face any kind of problems connected to shipping, even if it comes to delivery for your clients. Don’t worry about the cost of the Shipping, because we know how to optimize the fee.

Custom packaging

Most customers prefer to have their personalized packages. We can negotiate with the manufacturer, so they can make customized packaging. We will help to make profitable agreements with the supplier.

Custom product

You may need some personalized or unique products. So, our agents can find factories that will produce custom products. You will get high-quality service.

Private label

Some businessmen prefer selling only their own brand. This service can help you to build your own long-term business. We can find factories that will produce customized products, warehouses that can package your products, and other services that private label business requires