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Is It Difficult to Find a Proven Manufacturer?


Every businessman tries to find the real manufacturer and purchase directly.

But only some of them know that finding a real producer is close to impossible. You may attend various exhibitions or forums; may be you can find a supplier in these places, but then they can inform you that it is impossible to produce products in big volumes. After knowing this you will be again looking for a manufacturer.


Here are some main reasons why you can’t find a manufacturer by yourself.

  • Manufacturers don’t sell their own products on Alibaba or on another platform.

Most producers don’t how to use these kinds of platforms, because they are concentrated only on producing. We have some partners that don’t have enough time to work on social media or website. As we know Alibaba is a shared market, so producers are worried that their products may be copied by competitors. We know some companies from America another country that pretend to be a factory.

  • Amount of factories

There are too many factories in China that you should visit if you are in China, but if you aren’t it is impossible to find a good manufacturer with lower pricing than others. Even if you decided to visit China, you can’t go and check all factories, which means you may miss a suitable factory that produces better quality products at a lower price. 

  • Language

Chinese people speak only in their own language, however, it is possible to find someone who speaks English. But this doesn’t mean that you will have ambiguous dialogue because of the differences between cultures. But you have someone who speaks English well and lived in China for a while, this problem can’t occur. 

  • You are a new customer

Even if you found your factory that can produce goods at the required quality and suitable price doesn’t mean that it can’t take a long time before the beginning of the production. Most factories make high discounts for wholesale and regular clients not for new, so this means your competitors may get the same product even cheaper than you do.

  • You need more than one product

Most factories produce only one type of product and order to find another producer, you should spend even more time than before. Even if you find all needed producers, manufacturers don’t give the needed amount of product because they take order 1-2 months before. So, in these cases, only agents can help you find the required product.

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