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What is a product sourcing agent and why do you need one?


A product sourcing agent is a connecting link between a supplier and a manufacturer. There are numerous reasons why you would benefit from hiring such an assistant. For instance, you don't know the language, can't meet a manufacturer in person, don't know the customs regulations or other nuances. A product sourcing agent will solve all related problems, including shipping, will visit factories and even do product testing. Due to the significant value of their duties, it can be crucial to work with a sourcing agent.


The advantages of having a product sourcing agent

It is not easy to find a list of manufacturers/suppliers as one may think, especially if you want to import goods from other parts of the world.  The success of your business, to a great extent, depends on your choice of a manufacturer/supplier. You don't have to learn from your mistakes; product sourcing companies usually have specifically developed strategies in addition to relevant experience in finding the best suppliers tailored to their clients' needs.


Special strategy

Although many agents can boast about their knowledge in the field, they also need to have an importing strategy. Sometimes it requires extra effort to deliver a product from point A to point B without any delays. If the original plan fails, a sourcing agent has to be quick to act and develop a backup plan.


Quality regulations

Manufacturers can follow all the product safety laws of their own country, yet the country of export may have completely different quality standards. In that case, a sourcing agent has to be familiar with the laws of exporting and importing countries to prevent any possible confusion, not to mention that it will cut unnecessary spendings from your side. 



Shipping can be tricky. Importing goods can be time-consuming and costly.  A worse scenario is only if a product comes in pieces or does not reach its destination at all. Luckily, a professional sourcing agent will help you to avoid such issues.

As you can notice, product sourcing agents have a considerable number of responsibilities that make them irreplaceable in their job. If you have a seasoned and distinctive specialist working for you, be sure that the agent’s work will leave an impressive impact on the quality of your business.



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