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What made in PRC mean? Why Chinese products are cheap?


There are many products labeled as “Made in PRC” but you may face other products that are labeled as “Made in China”. So, are they produced in the same country? PRC stands for People’s country China, so Made in PRC = Made in China.

Why producers changed “Made in China” to “Made in PRC”?

2.   Of course, the main aim of changing the trademark is to increase sales volume.

For a long period of time products with the mark “Made in China” looked like a good of low quality. We know that it is difficult to impress the customer, even famous brands spend billions to achieve this, so in this situation, Chinese goods had additional vulnerabilities in the international market.

3.   PRC is the official name of China.

We know that China consists of provinces and autonomous regions, and all of them have their own official names which are used only in official documentations. And “China” is not an official name its official name is ‘People republic of China’. So, it’s easier to make one common trademark PRC than creating different names for each region of the country.

4.   Is there a difference between Made in China and Made in PRC?

The short answer is – NO. Most manufacturers prefer to use Made in PRC because Made in China has already rotter own reputation in Europe and other countries.

Why some good is PRC is so cheap, compared to any country in the world?

Too many factors played role in this phenomenon and the Chinese nation to achieve this worked for a long period of time.

  • Labor cost

China is the biggest country in the world in terms of population and labor cost is relatively cheaper than other countries. Because of the competition for a workplace, the cost of labor is decreasing day by day.

  • Great logistics

China has one of the best of the best logistics infrastructures in the world. The biggest airport, the biggest port in the world is located exactly in China. Chinese ambitious aims in this sphere show that it will continue to grow in the future.

  • Politically stable

All investors look for a politically stable country and in this term, China is one of the most suitable ones. For several decades China has been continuing to be stable.

  • Good experts in terms of producing cheap and high-quality goods.

China has a different system of education. Chinese students study in different ways.

China historically was a country that sells and produces, this process has begun in the period of the Great Silk Way. So, this country has the biggest experience in manufacturing and selling.


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