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Most profitable products to import from China


In this article, we will talk about what you should import from China in 2021. Of course, we are going to analyze costs in the EU, the USA and China.

1. To wear

Tailored Clothes

Most of people love ordering personalized clothes for weddings, events, or office jobs. Usually, people in their countries spend $300 - $600 for just a suit, however, in China the same suit can be tailored for just $70 - $100. The only thing you need to do is explain, fashion may be quite different in other parts of the world. So, make sure that you explain your desires quite simply and clearly. The best in Chinese tailoring factories is their productivity, they can produce in massive volumes and individual products at the same time.  


People in Europe pay about $30 - $40 for a T-shirt with the photo of Chinese panda or Great wall, however, they never think about real price of that shirt in China. The average cost of a T-shirt in the average market in China is $5, however, if you are a wholesaler expect to pay twice less than this price. It means if you are paying 10 – 15 times less, then in another country.


Statistics say that intermediate American men’s average spending on one pair of shoes was $83, in 2020, however, the average price for average men’s shoes is $30. But if you are wholesale buyer this cost can be optimized twice. As it was said in other articles, most Chinese goods can compete with American products in terms of quality.

2.  To carry


Average purses in the EU or in the USA can be bought for $50 - $150, but these numbers in China are less by several times. The average purse in China costs from $7.7 - $20 depending on its quality and characteristics. Don’t forget if you are buying in a big amount the cost will be twice cheaper. Here is an example of a typical Chinese purse.


I am sure you have seen colorful backpacks or you owned them. Colorful backpacks were always in trend among youngsters. The average cost for this product in the USA is $80 – 90, in the EU it may cost $50 - $100. How about China? It’ll cost $7 - $20.

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