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Top profitable Halloween goods to sell


We know that during the Halloween people buy holiday related products like: costumes, decorations and others. But before that holidays the shipping companies might increase shipping fees or even delay due to congestion of ports. So, we offer you to import Halloween goods in advance and get ready for the Halloween market.


  1. Halloween Costumes

On Amazon, you can sell these costumes at around 50 USD. Our specialists can help to import these costumes at 5 USD.



  1. Inflatable dinosaur costume

Inflatable costumes can be used not only on Halloween but at birthday parties. On Amazon, this inflatable costume can be sold for around 56 USD and bought at 15.5 USD with Import Secrets.

  1. Halloween witch hat

This is an example of selling several products at once. On amazon, 10 hats are sold at around 15 USD. We can source these hats at 0.3 USD per piece.


  1. Inflatable ghost

This inflatable ghost can be used as indoor or outdoor decoration. On Amazon, you can find them at around 29 USD. Our agents can help to find them at 6.2 USD per piece.



  1. Halloween candle

Halloween rechargeable candles. On Amazon, they cost around 30 USD, when our agents can source them at 1.4 USD.


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