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Top 5 mistakes while importing from china


What beginners should know about the business with China? In this article, we are going to discuss the most common mistakes that newbies do. However, this article can be useful to experienced importers, too.

So, we are going to analyze the mistakes that our clients did. Here are the top 5 mistakes.


1.    Not all expenses are included.

It is really important to keep in mind that selling a product doesn’t mean profit. And some manufacturers may not announce all costs.

If you are importing by yourself, you will potentially pay extra fees for customs or shipping. It is really common when a manufacturer offers ‘all inclusive’ but appears extra expenses after the shipment to your country.

Not including all the permits during the registration can be another problem. All the processes should be discussed with the agent that is doing the shipping.


2.    Lower margins than expected

You should predict the period when the importing product will stop being at the top of trends. Don’t forget that you are not alone in the market. There is a risk, maybe your competitors are purchasing the same product at a cheaper price.

To avoid these issues, you can use the services of experienced sourcing agents. Your agent will find the most suitable factory with proper prices. If you can find a good sourcing company, they can help you with other issues.


3.    Supplier reliability

When choosing the manufacturer consider all factors: (terms of delivery, warranty, quality inspections, and others) Don’t put the price in the first place, but instead try to find a long-term manufacturer.

Because of this mistake, you may lose finance. However, besides that suffers the quality of the product, too.

Our company helps businessmen to find the most reliable manufacturers with high ratings. Customers of Import-secrets don’t worry about the reliability of the supplier, but they run their business without interruptions.


4.    Working without a contract

Formal agreements increase the chances of successful purchases. The contract with the supplier will guarantee that the price and terms won’t change without your approval.

If you don’t have a contract, then there are risks:

  • The supplier won’t ship
  • The supplier will ship the cheap-quality product


In this situation, our agents can develop your own contract, so that it will work in your favor. If you have an official agreement with the supplier, then both of you have your own responsibilities. It will force to work.


5.    Refuse to send orders

The photo that you receive from the manufacturer may differ from the actual product. It doesn’t matter how they will describe the quality. You should spend a couple of weeks to receive the samples of products. Then order the main part of the product.

However, the sample can’t guarantee that you will get the same quality product. Our workers in China do quality inspections of products of our customers. They visit the factory several times and check the process of production and the finished product.


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