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Shipping price from China. The impact of Chinese holidays


Shipment is one of the key moments of importation. This stage should be considered before the production of your product. In this article, we will talk about criteria that affect the pricing of transportation.

How to calculate the shipping cost?

It is important to understand that there are too many factors that affect the cost of transportation. Below, we will look at the main factors.

  • Distance and the route of the shipment
  • Type of freight. It can be by air, sea or land.
    • Category of the product
    • Delivery term
    • Insurance of the cargo
    • Necessity of warehouse

The cost may increase if the shipping company is offering other additional services. For example, full documentation support or warehouse management and others. But we decided to give you the average cost of shipping from China to the US.

  • Sea freight $3000-$4000 per container depending on type of the product.
  • Airfreight $4-$9 per kilo depending on the type of the product.

Usually, sea and air freight included different fees. For example, ‘landing cost’ – fee for delivery from shipping agent to custom clearance.

But if you don’t have enough experience in shipping and importation, in general. Our company can help you to deliver your product from China to the EU, US, Canada, and other countries. Experienced specialists will help you to optimize the shipping costs. We have relations with the leading cargo companies in China. Usually, they make special discounts for our customers.

The impact of Chinese holidays on shipping

Most importers find themselves in a shipping problem on during Chinese holidays.

Shipping delay is the most common issue during Chinese New Year. All ports work 365 days a year, but factories take day-offs before New Year.

Below you can see a list of holidays during which delays are not unusual.

  • New Year day – January, 1 – 1 day
  • Chinese New Year-End of January to mid-February – 6-days (often longer)
  • Qingming Festival – Early April – 1-day
  • Labor Day – Early May – 3-days
  • Dragon Boat Festival – End of June – 3-days
  • Mid-Autumn Festival – Early October – 1-day
  • Golden Week – Early October – 7-days
  • China’s National Day – Early October – 3-days

Chinese factories begin receiving Christmas orders at the beginning of June and numbers of customers will increase until the end of December. Usually, people try to ship their freights in November in order to avoid delays.

Congestions lead to significant delays both in air and sea shipments. Shipping terminals and warehouses get so overwhelmed with parcels that cargo is frequently temporarily lost or delayed. 

Our agents try to consider all these factors during the importation. Because of that, we use our relations in order to avoid delays or freight loss.

If you want to use services of experienced importers that have been working in this sphere for more than 10 years, then you should contact us. You will be assigned an agent and you will get professional consultation from our specialists.

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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