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The most profitable jewelry products to sell in 2021 from China


Jewelry is one of the most ancient fields that continue to grow. Sometimes they are used as archeological artifacts, sometimes as an indicator of wealth. Ancient people used to have jewelry made of bones, gems, metals, and diamonds. No one knew that after several centuries this would be a multi-billion worth market.

Most importantly, to us dropshippers, jewelry is an enormous category and has a huge potential profit. There are endless niches within this vast category, a huge variety of different jewelry products (rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and so much more), and additional accessories or tools.

So, if you are looking for niches to get into you should continue reading this article till the end.


Before starting the list of products, here are some advice for selling products in this niche.

When writing the descriptions of the product, it is crucial to give more specifications. Especially, if it is a jewelry product since customers should know exactly what they are buying.

Make sure to always add as many describing features. For example, the type of material, metal, stone, gem, chain, or other relevant details.

Now, we have covered the basics, and we can see the hottest selling jewelry products in the market.

1.   Symbolic jewelry


People respect own and other’s religions, nations and countries. They try to demonstrate their patriotism through different things. One of them is jewelry.

You can sell necklaces, rings, or earrings with their own history and meaning. Usually, manufacturers produce these products in different colors and designs. So, make sure that your clients can find needed jewelry in needed design and color.

Having various types of jewelry may widen your audience. You will have a big choice of what to sell. When you are selling these kinds of products it is good to offer other additions to sell. So, you will increase the sales of other products, too.



2. Jewelry set


Second, on the list is a jewelry set. This is a must-have for many women. Females love combining different sets.

In the photo we can see cheap variations of sets, however, you can use your own imaginations and choose better products. If your clients are girls in 23-30, then you can sell high-end sets. Because in most cases, they buy these products for their wedding parties.

People spend a lot and don’t economize on these products, so you can find the best quality products and earn good marginal profit from this good. But try to give several options to your clients, so they choose the favorite one. Various designs, colors, manufacturers, sizes are what your store should have.



3.    Chain jewelry

This is one of the most classic designs of jewelry. So, you can mix up with different styles and give choices to your customers. This type of jewelry used to blow up people’s minds at the beginning of this decade.

Young men and women would love how this may look. Your main customers would be youngsters. And this creates other opportunities to earn. Let’ look at types of jewelry in a chain style.


·       Chain necklaces


Chain necklaces have been in trend for several decades. There are several styles of chain necklaces that you can consider. You can some of them and look at their sales. So, don’t fear to experiment but don’t forget to learn the market, too. After some searches and experiments, you find the best product for your clients and audience.

·       Chain bracelets


These bracelets can be sold as an addition to the necklace. They fulfill each other and look good when they are worn together. So, you can offer these two products together. Even make your own set of chain jewelry. This helps to increase the total volume of sales.


4.    Chakra bracelet

Chakra is fourth on our list. There are thousands of legends about these bracelets. Some people believe that it can keep our energy in itself and save us.

Besides its own history, it is a really cute and trending product. There are different types of chakra bracelets, so you will have what to offer to your clients.
Usually, people purchase two or three bracelets in one order, so this will increase your ‘average order price’ and marginal profit.


5.    Choker necklace


This is one of the most ancient types of jewelry. Chokers have been since the world’s early civilization.

90’s again made this jewelry a trending product and it’s continuing its own way. Having various colors, types, styles will increase your sales.

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