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List of problematic products to import


When a company needs to import any kind of product from another country, it should do that even it is a problematic product to import. In this article, we will talk about products that are difficult to import or just impossible to particular countries.


Importing is not the repetition of the same process, it always requires having different documents or follow different regulations. For example, importing jewelry is different from importing machines or office supplies.

Dangerous products

Prohibited products are the most known goods as difficult to import however sometimes we confuse them with dangerous products.

Most people think that guns, knives, or these types of products are among dangerous goods, but in reality, this partition consists of cleaning supplies, perfumes or aerosols.

It is important to mention the regulations for the protection of the ozone layer since it is believed that the export of products that can harm is prohibited. However, there are exceptions for “controlled substances intended for use as raw materials or transformation agents, products, and devices containing hydrochlorofluorocarbons, or controlled substances for laboratory and analytical purposes”.


In this case, we should be ready to wait several months for our order, because doing reports for logistics and doing other formalities is one of the most time-consuming process.


Importing restricted products

For person who is not engaged with imports, it is ok not to differentiate prohibited products with dangerous products.

Most people think that restricted products are only guns and pistols, however, in this list, you can find jewelry, gems or historical money currencies.

Regulations are individual for each country so, for particular country importing jewelry can be easy and without extra documents but for another country it can be even prohibited. In this situation, you should consult with our specialist.

Special manufactures

Special products are one of the most exported goods of a particular country. For example, pharmaceuticals are fifth the most exported product of 2019 and it plays one of the key factors in the economy.

Some countries have complicated regulations while others may choose another way and make it easier to export and import that product.

It can be seen that, knowing all rules or having experience in the field of import of casual products sometimes can’t help, and you may need a specialist with past experience with these kinds of merchandises.

Our specially educated and prepared experts are ready to help you in any kind of situation. Please don’t hesitate, contact us for more information and help.

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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