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How to shorten processing time?


Processing time is a period that begins when the order reaches the supplier and the good is sent to the freight forwarder. So, if you are new to drop shipping, you might need the order processing time optimization. Let’s look at the factors that cause long processing time and solutions for this problem.

Factors that can affect the processing time.

Unfortunately, sometimes the waiting time can be longer than expected. Usually, this happens because of holidays or natural events. Here you can read about the holidays that can affect not only the processing but the shipping time, too.

Suppliers also make mistakes. They might send wrong orders or models, which will cause additional waiting time. Sometimes happens when suppliers send several orders at the same time and you can’t fit them into your stock.


Unfortunately, some issues can’t be predicted and they remain as part of the business. However, there are ways that help to make customers satisfied with the service and attract them to buy from you.

Try to give discounts or coupons during the high season peaks or Chinese holidays. Your customers will know to pay less they would need to wait a little longer. It makes clients more satisfied with your service. But don’t forget to say that not everyone can get discounts, which makes them special.

Choose a warehouse in the right place. For example, if most of your customers are in another city, and you keep your products far from the end customers. Then you should move your warehouse closer to clients.

You can give discount cards for their next purchases on late orders. By this, you will increase purchases and make your clients satisfied.

Predict products demand and be ready. Particular types of products become popular only on particular days. For example, before the new year, people buy decorations and holiday-related products. So, you can import these types of goods in advance and be ready to sell.


Work with experts.

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