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What is the Chinese business culture?


No matter how people think about our Chinese friends, in reality, they are achieved more than we think. The development of China in the last decades is proof of that. They have succeeded not only in the country managing but in the micro-economy, too. Chinese are masters of negotiation. In addition, they are good at marketing, too. 

1.    Never say NO.

The Eastern version of the objection is a little bit different from the western one. Chinese people don’t prefer saying “No” instead they do so that opponents cancel the agreements themselves. Usually, they do this to avoid inconvenience and misunderstandings.

2.    Never give the full pricelist.

Give the price only for the category of products that interests your client. This is enough to begin the cooperation. However, you can focus on the main and this makes it difficult for your competitors to analyze your store or organization.

3.    Find a way to do any requirement of your client.

There is one saying: “Customers are people that give you food”. Therefore, find an individual approach for each customer because they are always right.

When your client has unrealistic requirements, don’t refuse but try to make a compromise.

4.    Don’t negotiate when your customer is hungry.

This is simple but effective advice from the Chinese businessmen. Especially, when you have conflicts or misunderstandings with your client. Your chances for successful negotiations are higher when your customer is full. 

5.    Use competitors as an example

Chinese manufacturers compare their customers with each other and try to make mini competition between them. After listening to their words customers try to be the number 1 client. Often they talk about the volume of products that others purchase. Of course, Chinese businessmen give special discounts for their special customers. Because of that, their clients may have little competition in terms of volume.


6.    Feel the market demands

Chinese manufacturers know how to respond to market demand. They know how to rebuild their production and manufacture the goods which are in demand. Usually, it takes a week for a sample of a new product and after a week the production is ready. At the same time, most European manufacturers need months or even years to begin production.

7.    Do experiments

You may have faced Chinese unusual products. Chinese manufacturers love experimenting with design, size, and functions. They know that the market will choose the successful product, so they produce various versions of one good.

The Chinese market is full with own secrets and unexpected sides. Most businessmen try to import products and resell them. However, they don’t have relations with Chinese manufacturers.

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