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The best household products to import from China.


In this article we will analyze the same Chinese and American products. Of course, we will choose high-quality products from both countries and compare their costs.

1.  Should I buy smart home devices from China?

Definitely, yes. China is one of the biggest electronic device producer countries. A lot of famous companies’ factories are located in China, Apple, Samsung, Dell or Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Huawei and others. If you import these products, it is possible to buy 2, 3 or 4 times cheaper than in other countries. In the photo below you can see the cost comparison of two the same devices.

In this photo we can see that Chinese analogue is 8 times cheaper than American one, but they have the same functionalities, and the main reason is the competition between producers and the cheap labor.

2.  How about toys for children?

For most of parents, children are meaning of their life and they do their best to make happy their kids. And in this situation, Chinese market can offer various toys for kids in any age. Most of Chinese companies are famous with safe products for kids and their products successfully pass different international tests. In the photo below, you can see the cost and quality comparison of two products for kids on the USA online market and on the Chinese online shop.

It can be seen that the same high-quality product in two markets are sold in different prices. Toys in Chinese market is 9 times cheaper than American. It is not secret that most of American and EU countries import toys and another items from China, and sell in higher cost. This is the main reason why you win if you buy from Chinese producers.

3.Computer parts and PC.

The Chinese market is good not for only for toys, furniture or clothes but it can be suitable for PC and computer parts business too. Below, we will compare our client’s choice and how much we could save for our client in buying just a one pc.

You can see that the presence of many manufacturers and competition between companies affected in the cost of Chinese PC parts, too. Chinese PC is 2-3 times cheaper than American one, however their characteristics are the same.

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