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Do I need to hire a product sourcing agent?


Not all companies have enough finance to hire an agent or some of them prefer to try this experience by themselves. However, some companies with experienced departments of import-export, but in particular cases, knowledge in the field of import maybe not enough to deliver successfully, and they may require special knowledge in different fields like storage, shipment, and others.

We have clients that tried to import by themselves and unfortunately their experience shows that the final result may be not good as expected. However, particular cases shouldn’t affect the productivity and the development of your business and the mind about the import from China. So, our company does its best to show advantages of importing.

Lack of experience.

This is the biggest minus in many cases of our life, even which are not connected with import or export. If you don’t have any kind of experience in this sphere, you may face various not common issues. But if you have someone who has already worked with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, can change the situation. Most new importers don’t know how to find suppliers or even how to filter them, in this situation your agent may do all of them for you.

Search of manufacturer/supplier

Finding the manufacturer who is ready to produce your order doesn’t mean that the final result will disappoint you. Even if you are experienced importer and want to change your supplier, you may need our agent, because only successful an experience with the particular supplier may guarantee the next wanted result.


In this situation language is the biggest barrier between client and supplier. Most people think that google translator can help them, however they don’t know that Chinese is the most difficult language with words that have several meanings. And others, think that know the universal language of Earth English can create opportunities to work with China, however, they don’t know that this Asian country uses only its own national language and during negotiations, even google translator may be powerless.

Lack of knowledge of quality standards.

Knowing the big difference between the European and Chinese standards is not enough. You should use services if you don’t know how products should be marked and produced. This will save your extra expenses.


Of course, this should be one of the most important parts of the purchase. Sometimes even experienced clients say that they could manage this part of import and take our help, so, only experts are able to optimize the time of import and deliver the product to the supposed part of the world without any stuck.


In this article, we have talked about the only part of the reasons why you shouldhire an agent. So, don’t hesitate and contact us for more information.

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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