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Importing pharmaceutical machinery


Importation is a complicated process. Especially, if you are importing a product that is connected with human health. Usually, companies lose tens of thousands of dollars because of their inexperience.

They face issues like lack of support, cheap quality, or working with reckless suppliers. In this article, we are going to talk about tips and mistakes that should be considered while importing pharmaceutical machinery.


Find reputable suppliers

This is one of the most challenging parts. Because it is difficult to find a pharmaceutical machine factory, but here you should identify who is reliable.

You can use google to scout. Just google “Pharmaceutical machine in China”, this will connect you with middlemen. Middlemen are people that find customers for factories, they take a fee for that from the factory. Then resell to you. Unfortunately, this can’t guarantee that you will have professional support and advice from the manufacturer.

Usually, because of that businessmen use sourcing services. Agencies make the list of suitable suppliers. Your task would be just looking at their offers and choosing one.


Factors to consider.

There are hundreds of pharmaceutical organizations in China. So, the risk of facing fraud is also high. Unfortunately, there is no list of companies that are recognized as frauds. Here are factors that should be considered.


  • Documentation

Most Chinese organizations post their documentation on their websites or social media accounts. You shouldn’t rely on the supplier only because of the paper that you’ve seen on their website.

Photoshopping the documentation is quite common among manufacturers. You should have enough skills and knowledge to differentiate between the real and fake ones.

  • Companies with suspicious bank accounts.

Personal bank accounts should be considered suspicious. The Chinese government doesn’t allow local companies to make transactions through personal accounts. So, work only with companies that use official business accounts.

If you have checked the license and documentation of the company, then detecting the business account won’t be a problem.

Western Union is also popular among scammers. It is easy to get money and disappear from radars.

  • Price

The cost of machines is also a factor that can indicate scammers. You should know the difference between competitive and extremely low prices.

You should avoid companies with too low prices. Because in most cases they can’t meet quality standards.

Most reputable suppliers don’t place their products on various websites. Instead, they use their own website or prefer offline sales.



A warranty shows how the company trusts its own product. However, you should consider whether they follow warranty terms. Many companies use the word “warranty” as a magnet for customers.

The competition in the pharmaceutical sphere is high, therefore reputable companies prefer long-term cooperation. So, they offer favorable warranty terms and follow them.


Working with professionals.

A successful business requires working with experts in their job. Import Secrets consists of experienced importers that have lived in China. Our agents are aware of every detail and change in the Chinese market.


  • Source the product
  • Negotiate
  • Organize the shipment
  • Deliver samples of products
  • Develop customized products and packages
  • etc.

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