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OSB and Playwood importation from China full guide.


The numbers of OSB and plywood importers are rising. There are some regulations and rules that should be followed during the importation.

The current state of the wood and lumber supply chain has seen some dramatic shifts recently. Because of that prices are rising and people are looking for other alternatives. Good businessmen should know what to do in this kind of situation, use favorable opportunities and make money.=

To import OSB and plywood from China, importers need to go through some important steps. This includes abiding by USDA import requirements and classifying the product with the correct HTS code, and more. Failing to adhere to any of the requirements can lead to financial penalties, shipment seizure, and import bans. Because of that, we don’t recommend you to do importation by yourself. But instead, use the service of qualified specialists in this sphere.


Our company consists of experienced specialists that can help you and assist your business. We do not only product sourcing and shipping but quality inspection, tax optimization, and other services are also included in our packages.


Define your wood with HTS code.

HTS – Harmonized tariff schedule. It is a 10-digit code and used to classify or define internationally traded goods. 

The HTS code has various functions:

  • Calculation of customs fees
  • Identifying type of the product and required documents

Identifying the HTS code is really important. Especially, if you are importing OSB or plywood. You should be more accurate with the codes of these products. Because there are dozens of HTS codes for these goods depending on type and class.

The precise HTS code is formed depending on:

  • Thickness of each sheet
  • Used type of resin
  • Internal and surface structure
  • And others

Using the wrong HTS code can lead to a variety of issues. Usually, in this situation, people pay extra import duties, penalties, and other extra fees.

Compile required documents

Once you have decided to import OSB or plywood then you should begin gathering the required documents. It can take some time, since, additional papers can be needed.

As an example, we can look at the declaration that is needed to import to the U.S. Importers fill the Lacey Act Declaration at the time of importation.

This declaration requires:


  • Country of harvest
  •   Material quantity
  •  Species
  •  And many others.


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