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Construction material from China importation guideline.


Most countries build, but their market can’t provide needed materials. As a result, constructors need to import them from other countries.

China is a large country with the biggest population. Its technological development can allow producing enough building materials for the local and international market. In this article, we will talk about the importation of construction materials from China.


Quality inspections

This should be one of the most important steps of product importation. Most people try to skip it, but they lose tens of thousands of dollars because of that. There are many cases when people received materials that didn’t match the requirements. Once you find a supplier, you should send your own requirements or ask for specific details about the material quality. Incorrect details may lead to misunderstandings and issues.

Quality inspections should be conducted not depending on the volume. Even if the volume of your order is not high.

It is suggested to buy from branded and reputable manufacturers. Since most of them have transparent politics and try to publish results of quality controls. It should be easier to be sure about the quality.

However, it is not always possible to find that type of manufacturer. In that situation, you can use the services of Import Secrets. Our specialists can visit the factory and conduct quality inspections.



Factory audit is a vital task that allows getting the full information about the manufacturer. Facilities, records, policies, and procedures are used to evaluate the real abilities. Then you can use it to be sure that the factory can provide the needed volume of products.

Import Secrets can help to get detailed information about the factory and evaluate the abilities of a factory.


 Trade laws

Most countries have strict laws that guide both importation and exportation. They have specially created to guarantee the citizens’ safety. There are special laws that regulate the importation of various materials.

Laws are created to limit hazardous toxins of materials, and all nations have their own rules. So, building developers or agencies should know the regulations of both importer and exporter countries.

As an example, we can look at the US. There are general and local laws that work only in particular states. It’s crucial to follow and don’t violate them.

There is an International Building Code which is created by ICC (International Code Council). Its main aim to protect public health and help to provide safety of nations. Laws cover some aspects, like:

  • Building size
  • Occupancy
  • Safety systems
  • Wall, roof, and other constructions
  • Interior


EPA. The EPA is an agency that is created to protect human health in the USA. It controls the distribution, manufacturing, and other processes. The agency can use fines, sanctions, or other regulations.



After all the processes, you can request RFQ (Request for Quotation). It will guarantee that you won’t have misunderstandings. The RFQ should contain:

  • Minimum order quantity
  • Payment terms and method
  • Sample pricing
  •  Product price
  • Etc.


Choose professionals.

A successful business requires working with specialists in their job. However, it can be challenging to find experienced manufacturers. Import Secrets can help to find reliable factories that are specialized not only in construction materials but others, too.


  • Source the product
  • Negotiate
  • Organize the shipment
  • Deliver samples of products
  • Develop customized products and packages
  • etc.

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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