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Mini excavator importation from China.


This class of excavators became popular relatively recently. A few years ago, constructors trusted them as small toy cars, not as real machines. It is better to buy machines with higher productivity and weight. However, the trend changed with the development of technologies.

Building space is becoming denser, and working is becoming difficult in huge technologies. Requirements for builders are increasing. If before it was enough to fill up the pit at the end of the work. But now cities are becoming ‘greener’ and builders need to keep and don’t spoil plants. So, it is easier to do that with a light machine that even won’t damage the asphalt.

Moreover, there are places where it is impossible to drive large cars. Underground structures, small bridges, and others places where you can’t use heavy equipment. In that conditions, mini excavators will provide invaluable assistance.

Thus, mini excavators can be used in urban construction. They will reduce the time and costs for cleaning the area after work, and won’t harm the lawns and plantings.


What are the most imported mini excavators?

Among international manufacturers, Hitachi and Bobcat have achieved great success in the mini excavator market. Kubota and Takeuchi have slightly lower results. But all of them perform perfect results.


1.    Bobcat

Bobcat has the broadest line in the mini excavator segment. In the group of 2-5 tons, Bobcat offers 7 models. Each model has its own advantages and better hand.

All models have a hydrostatic transmission, rubber track, and diesel engine. The maximum digging depth of the Bobcat models is from 2.55 to 3.58 m. However, some of the models can be equipped with extended sticks, which allows them to increase the digging depth.


2.    Hitachi

Hitachi also has a wide range of models. But some of them can be modified. The maximum digging depth is from 2.83 to 3.75m, depending on the type. Modifications can increase the digging depth up to 5.72m.

All Hitachi mini models are equipped with a hydraulic valve for additional hydraulic distribution.


3.    Takeuchi

Takeuchi is a pioneer in the field of compact construction machines. All Takeuchi models are fitted with rubber and rubber-metal tracks that minimize vibration even on the toughest ground. In addition, Takeuchi has shortened the Zero Swing platform.

The Takeuchi excavators are specially designed so that various attachments can be installed. And some types have axial piston hydraulic pumps that automatically adjust depending on loads.


4.    Kubota

In the new KX-3 series of compact excavators, Kubota has focused on the improvement of three main characteristics – performance, ease of use, and environmental friendliness. Moreover, there are machines with shortened counterbalances.

Kubota machines have an increased digging force, ability to carry out four operations at the same time. The design takes into account all the needed safety elements. Its cab and roof provide the driver with the maximum safety with Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS)


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