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How to import without importation agent?


Most people think that finding a product on Alibaba and sending the money to the supplier is enough for a successful purchase. However, what is the reason for purchasing from China? It is a high-quality product at the lowest cost, isn’t it? So, a product that was bought at a higher price than the market, can’t be a successful purchase. In this article, we will talk about the problems that you will have during the importation by yourself.

Sourcing products without an agent. Difficulties that you will have.

Importation doesn’t consist of only shipping, negotiating, or inspecting the quality, but at first, you should find a suitable supplier for you. Experienced agencies track the price of the market for thousands of products at the same time and they know about the real prices. They find manufacturers through their past relations. Or sometimes, agents can visit new factories before paying the money and check the process of production.

If you are planning to work without agents, then all these jobs should be done by you.

You will:


  • Search for a product on the Internet
  • Find the supplier
  • Travel to China to be sure about the factory.
  •  Fly to China several times during the production, to conduct quality inspections


Being ready to do all these stages doesn’t guarantee that you will find the needed supplier. Because usually, you can’t find an actual manufacturer on the internet, instead you will work with the middleman.


Shipping without an agent. Difficulties that you will have.


While planning to import the product from China you think not only about the quality of the product. But the process of shipping is also important and has its own unexpected difficulties.

Usually, importation companies have experience in the transport choice, paying customs fees, collecting required documents, and own strategy of importation. However, if you are going to work without agency then you should organize everything by yourself.

You will:

  • Discuss the shipment with the supplier
  •  Organize the delivery of your product until the port or airport.
  • Find the most optimal route. In most cases, this can be multimodal transportation. However, this is not easy because of unexpected pitfalls.
  • Contact the shipping company directly. You should find an organization that has representatives in China. So, you don’t pay additional fees to middlemen.
  • Prepare required documentations. Don’t forget that without all the required documents you can’t successfully import the goods.


Importing from China is complicated. It requires learning the laws of international trade and filling documentations. Exactly, because of that, it is better to find a company that can take all these responsibilities. The company should have experience in importation.


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