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How to import electrical products to the UK?


It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional or online store, electrical goods can be the most profitable niches. Because most families change home appliances every 5-7 years and buy new ones when they move. In this article, we will talk about importing electrical goods to the UK.

Please, note that the information we provide may be not complete or statement of the low.

If you are planning to import electrical goods, then there are some regulations that you should be aware of. It is your responsibility to ensure that importing equipment meets the requirements of Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.


1. Provide and retain

An importer must:

  • keep a copy of the EC declaration
  • make sure that the technical documentation is often made available to an enforcement authority if requested

The technical documentation should contain:

  • a general description of the equipment
  • test reports
  • results of examinations and calculations
  •  etc.

2. Full certification

Having full certification can solve the unexpected issues that you might have. For example, if you are importing some kind of electronics and there are batteries. The batteries are charged through chargers or adapters. Usually, manufacturers have only FCC or GS certifications for chargers.

Why they do so? Because most chargers and adapters are universal. They can be sold with various products that need chargers. For the manufacturer, it’s better to certify the charger only. Then he doesn’t need to pay for the entire product.

If you want to be sure that you will meet regulations and satisfy authorities, then you can ask to issue a Letter of Guarantee that the entire product meets a particular regulation that you need. But don’t forget that the main goal is to have successful importation, not satisfying authorities.

3. Labelling

Make sure that:

  • product is labeled with CE mark
  • It should be at least 5 mm high.
  • Mark contains name, trade name, postal address.
  • It should contain type, batch, or identification number.
  • Etc.

Exceptions are only when the size or material doesn’t allow it. When it is not possible to mark on the product, information should be provided on the packaging or in the instructions.

4. Returns or damaged products

In some cases, returns can be up to 20%. It can happen due to poor quality or damaged components. But the most common reason is mishandling or misunderstanding how to use the product, which creates other issues.

The best solution is to refund and collect detailed data about issues of each product. So, consider all the issues that you had, while ordering. Don’t forget to discuss problems with the factory.


5. Work with experts.

Always try to work with specialists of their job. Import Secrets – is a company that helps businessmen to import various types of products. We have specialists that have lived in China for more than 10 years and know everything about their market.

We offer services like:

  • Source the product
  • Negotiate
  • Organize the shipment
  • Deliver samples of products
  • Develop customized products and packages
  • etc.

For further information, please contact us.

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