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How to import air-conditioners from China?


The air conditioner is one of the most useful inventions of humanity. It is the best solution in the freezing winter or the hot summer. So, in these periods of time, this product can bring huge profit.

Where to find the supplier? What are the hot sales? In this article, we will answer these questions.


What are the types of air conditioners?

The most popular installation on the market is the “SPLIT” type of air conditioner. It consists of two blocks connected that are connected by electrical cables and pipes. The block that is installed outside of your room is called a compressor.

For its installation, it’s important to place both units not far from each other. The distance shouldn’t be more than 30 meters. However, it’s simple to install.


Mobile air conditioner.

The mobile air conditioner is a good investment if you change your home often. In addition, you can use it to heat outdoor spaces and use it at various outdoor events. It doesn’t require outdoor installations, so, there is no extra work that should be done.


Choose the manufacturer.

Choosing the right and low quote manufacturer can be quite difficult. There are many factors that should be considered during the importation. While choosing the manufacturer, you should pay attention to the certifications that he has. Because there are thousands of factories that don’t own any kind of certifications and their products don’t meet regulations.

Don’t forget to make a background search about the factory. Visit the official web page of the manufacturer. Usually, angry clients try to tell about their bad experiences with factories. So, search for reviews about the supplier or manufacturer.

Then, compare costs that the supplier is offering. Try to look at the price list of at least 3-4 suppliers. However, if you don’t want to spend your time searching for a product, using the services of agencies can be a good idea. They find 2-3 the best and the lowest quote manufacturers. You will just choose one.


What are the hot sold ACs in China?

If you don’t know what to sell, then choosing hot sold products might be a good idea. So, let’s look at the most sold air conditioners in China.

  • Gree

It is one of the oldest and biggest brands in China. They use the latest technologies to increase the effectiveness of their products and there is a research department in their structure.

  • Midea

Midea is a brand that produces different household appliances. They use compressors of international leaders, which are more stable, effective, and longer service life.

Choose the type of transportation.

Shipping costs can differ depending on the type of transportation you chose. Sea and Air freight are the most popular types of shipment from China to the US, Canada, and the EU.

Costs for air freight are calculated depending on the weight of the product. While the cost of sea shipping depends more on the size of your good.


Work with specialists.

Import Secrets is a company that consists of experienced importers. Our agents have experience in the field of product sourcing, negotiating, organizing shipments, etc.

We offer services like:

  • Source the product
  • Negotiate
  • Organize the shipment
  • Deliver samples of products
  • Develop customized products and packages
  • etc.

For further information, please contact us.


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