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How to find Chinese clothing manufacturers? Why is it profitable to work with Chinese producers?


Most of the beginners in this sphere ask for list of clothing factories or ask for recommendations, however it is impossible to provide you with the list of company names. Even google can not help you in this situation, however we know that it is impossible to rely on google in this situation.

If you want to find a reliable Chinese clothing produce to work with, you must know the actual situation of the factories. For example, you need to know, where to find them, how to determine if they are professionals or not, and etc. And the most important is to know that you can’t achieve your goal with just list of companies, which can’t be provided by anyone.

In this article, we will talk about Chinese factories. I am sure you will get many new information for yourself.

  • Why Chinese clothing manufactories are worth to work with?
  • Analysis of China Clothing Manufacturers.
  • 5 the most frequently asked questions.


1.   Why Chinese clothing manufactories are worth to work with?

Lower purchase cost

As we know, China is famous with cheap labor force. Because of that, even if you add addition expenses the cost is lower than any country in the world.

They are professionals in personalized garments

Usually, manufacturers have professional researchers. So, you can just tell about your ideas and that would be enough to produce your order.


2.   Why is it necessary to work with suppliers from the industrial cluster?

There are two advantages if you buy from factories that are located in industrial clusters.

Lower purchase cost

The garment industry cluster has a large workforce, so factories can save on labor costs. Accordingly, the selling price of the clothes will be cheaper. There will be many manufacturers in the same area working in the same industry and there will be price competition between them, which will give you more choice and a more competitive offer.

Modern technologies

As you know, industrial suppliers are able to provide the highest level of equipment and tools, so manufacturers are able satisfy your any kind of requests.

There are some regions that are busy with garment production: Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xiangchey,  Jinchang, Punin, Yiwu, Shaoxing and etc.


3.   The most asked questions. How to choose the best producer?

In fact, so-called "best Chinese clothing manufacturers don’t exist". The most important thing for you is to choose the appropriate supplier according to your actual situation. 

Here are 3 main characters that clothing manufacturers should have:

  1. Located in industrial cluster
  2. Professional knowledge in garmenting
  3. Responsibility


4.   Are there any clothing good makers for startups or small businesses?

If you are new startup, working with factories – is not good idea   without any help of other more experienced organizations.

However, you may have many benefits from partnering with manufacturers, for example, you can personalize clothes to suit your needs. But, the biggest disadvantage is the high MOQ. The reason is that factories have to set a high MOQ to cover their production costs, which will force you to invest more in first steps.

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