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Importing is not only about purchasing a ready good in another country and shipping to another. Most people think that businessmen import only branded products in packages.

Importing can be in various ways, some people import ready products, but others choose another way and import machinery for production. These people spend more money on purchasing a machine and shipping than ready-to-use product importers. However, owners of own production will have full control of goods and after some time may earn even more than others.

Our company fully supports these businessmen and does its best in order to find machinery producers and import their products.

Machines that are used in the preparation for the market.

There are thousands if not million types of machines that can be imported from China and used in the production. Most of businessmen from the USA, the EU or other countries import Chinese machines and manufacture “Made in USA” or “Made in EU” goods. Below, as an example we can see the photo of “Packaging machine”.

There are too many types of “packaging machines” that are used to wrap various goods in different sizes.

In daily life, maybe we eat or use products that are produced in our country, but that goods manufactured or prepared in Chinese machineries. Sometimes, we don’t realize that technologies that we see around are produced exactly in China.

What should be taken in to the consideration during the importation?

After choosing the machine to import you should choose the reliable supplier of machine that you need.

The selection of a manufacturer should be done by experts and people who know the market well. We are not looking for a manufacturer that can make a machine that works but a producer that provide maintenance agreement, so, if you face any kind of problem in the work of machine, you could contact with the manufacturer.

Technical characteristics should be defined before the manufacturers starts the production. All expectations, details about the product and other specifications should be negotiated in advance.

Certifications should be looked carefully because most of Chinese producers manufacture only for local market and don’t take in to consideration the international market and customers.

Before the shipment the quality control and inspections should be conducted. These procedures, decrease the percentage of unlucky purchases and increase successful import in many times. In this step, our company can help you with own experts in China in various spheres.

Transportation and customs control is the final parts of import, but they are not less important than others. Calculations and other factors should be considered before the start of the import; other ways they may ruin all the work that was done before.

You may need experts and specialists during all these procedures, our company offers you own help in all steps of the import. Don’t hesitate and contact us for more information.

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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