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Importing from China? 6 of the most common mistakes among importers


Any kind of business begins from the first steps. To have successful purchase and importation you should consider several factors and nuances. The best way of achieving this is by learning from the mistakes of others. So, let’s look at the common mistakes that people do during first orders.


1.  The target audience is not predefined.

If the supplier is responsible for the product and the information about it, then you should find a suitable market for that good. Your main responsibility should be finding and forming a particular group of people who would like to buy your product. You should know everything about that group, average age, values, interests, etc. Based on that the marketing, sales, and others are managed.


2.  The opportunity is missed due to long deadlines.

Usually, great demand for a particular product can’t continue for a long. Because of that, it is important to react as fast as possible. The quicker you work, the better chance to earn you have. But it can be not easy to source particular products from the Chinese market.

Our specialists work 24/7 and they are ready to help you. We can find the needed product in less than 24 hours.


3.  The reorder for the next batch isn’t done on time.

The sea delivery may take several weeks, so the next batch of goods should be considered immediately after the first order. It is better if you have a plan for several months in advance. This will help to control the availability of products in your warehouses.


4.  Product samples are not checked.

Ordering the sample in the first work is critical. The sample serves as a reference during the comparison of the finished product. It shouldn’t be saved on the delivery of the sample and canceled.

Our agents can organize the delivery of samples from the Chinese factory to your country.


5.  Pre-shipment and in-line quality inspections are not conducted.

Most people try to save on this service and skip it. However, by this, you are exposed to great risk. Some manufacturers may consider this as a lack of professionalism. The best solution is to hire specialists who can visit the factory several times before, after, and during the production.

Hiring experts in this work makes your tasks easier and increases the quality of your products.


6.  Lack of information about the product.

Informative packaging, good labeling, detailed instructions give privilege in terms of marketing. Managers should have full information about the product. All these should be done before receiving

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