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How to predict the best-selling products?


How to predict best-selling products?

  The biggest difference between successful businessmen and newbies is that successful people know how to predict the right product. Of course, this comes not only after reading books or watching YouTube, you need real experience. But additional articles will only help you. In this article, you can read the advice on how to forecast the top-selling product. But before, you should understand that you may need a company that can assist your business. Especially, if you are a beginner and don’t have experience in importation from China. Our company has experienced specialists that can help you source and import the needed product and optimize the expenses, too. Our customers save their budget on product price, shipping, taxes, and others . You will be assigned an agent. He will consult you and help in importation. You won’t have issues with language, since our workers are native English speakers that have lived in China for more than 10 years. Here are the ways how to predict the demand for the new products.  

1.    What the Chinese have learned to produce.

Every year, the USA and the European countries are moving their industrial factories to China. More and more organizations are announcing that now their “company is Chinese”.
This means these companies are producing the same products in China 3-4 times cheaper. Interestingly, almost without losing the quality rate.
At different times, these were areas like power tools, laser equipment, medical equipment, compressors, doors, plumbing, gasoline tools, welding machines, bicycles, plastic pipes, airbrushes, hand tools, lifts, service station equipment, car washes, air conditioners, fans, battery tools, ATVs, bread makers, energy-saving light bulbs, photographic equipment, children's clothing, snowboards, sports equipment, etc.
So, if you can find the right products to produce in China, then making money on this shouldn't be a big issue.  

2.    Tracking the leader

You can analyze the leading store in your country or city. Find the best-selling products and order them from China. This is the most popular strategy among beginners. This is the reason why big companies shouldn’t stop investing in innovations. Our agents can help you to source any kind of product. It is enough to send the photo or the definition of the needed product.  

3.    Repair parts of popular products

After the peak sales of particular products appear demand for their spare parts. You should predict this. Sometimes the price for demanded parts can be 8-10 times higher than the net price. Importing spare parts can differ from the end-product. Because of that, you may need the consultation of specialists. Our agents with experience of more than 10 years are ready to help you with the importation.

4.    Considering the season

  Every year repeats the same tendency and it is easy to predict that. The demand can increase only for a limited period of time, however, in other seasons there may be no demand at all. These are construction season, tire fitting, heating, watering season, vacation season, harvesting, New Year, and other seasons. Try to sell only new trending products in every season, so it will be easier to increase sales. 

5.    Holidays

Gifts for the Holidays - New Year's, women - on March 8th, Valentines, etc. Demand grows every year on the same day. If the season may begin later or earlier, then the demand arises steadily before the date, which is known in advance. If this article could help you find a suitable product to sell, our company is happy. Don’t forget that our agents are ready to help you to assist your business. Contact us for more information.

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