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BSCI and Sedex Audits in China


Controlling the production of goods in another country is difficult. But it is crucial to be sure that products are ethically produced. Only counted companies can afford this. BSCI or Sedex can be the best solution for these issues.

In this article, we will talk about BSCI and Sedex and why importers should know about them.



What is BSCI? Business Social Compliance Initiative is a European platform of companies for monitoring social standards in manufacturer countries. Making the importation more transparent and fair is one of the primary aims of this platform.

The BSCI code of conduct tries to set principles that participants of the supply chain should implement. There are 11 principles of labour protection.

  1. The Rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

  2. Fair Remuneration

  3. Occupational Health and Safety

  4. Special Protection for Young Workers

  5. No Bonded Labor

  6. Ethical Business Behaviors

  7. No Discrimination

  8. Decent Working Hours

  9. No Child Labor

  10. No Precarious Employment

  11. Protection of the Environment

After each audit, it will be estimated and given rate A-E.



What is Sedex? Supplier Ethical Data Exchange is a non-profit membership organization that helps to manage working conditions in supply chains.

Sedex is an online platform that allows companies to store and view data on business practices. It doesn’t offer audition or certification of suppliers. It is just a tool to access information.

To join the Sedex suppliers or buyers should pay an annual payment of 100 pounds. Members can social compliance data, and the Sedex e-learning databank on the platform.



What is SMETA? Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit helps to understand the working conditions at a supplier site.

SMETA monitors:

  • Health and safety

  • Labor standards

  • Environment

  • Business ethics


Are non-BSCI, SMETA audited suppliers safe?

Some retailers try to avoid non-BSCI suppliers. We shouldn’t forget that BSCI doesn’t guarantee safety. But the absence of BSCI or SMETA doesn’t mean that the supplier faces all the requirements. So, all the results depend on your decisions.

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