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5 Dropshipping most asked questions and approved answers


What is the best way of learning about dropshipping, besides practicing? Of course, reading. Especially, reading about questions and answers of people that have been running dropshipping stores. After reading this article, you should get answers to your most of the questions. I hope, you will be inspired to begin a dropshipping business, if you haven’t begun yet.


1. Is dropshipping a profitable business?

Definitely, yes. But to become rich, it will take a lot of time and effort. It’s not a sphere that can make you rich in one night. However, if you use the right tools, find proper suppliers and aware of regulations, it is one of the profitable niches.

Find a marketplace where possible customers would like to buy your product, not where it’s comfortable for you.

Don’t forget that this business is attracting many people. So, spend your time building a high-quality store. Most people, use default themes in their online stores or just copy and paste from other shops.

You can beat them by using special photos and investing your effort.


2. Can wholesale suppliers ship internationally?

Some companies ship only domestically, inside China, while others can deliver products to any country. If you are searching by yourself, pay attention to the list of countries where the supplier can deliver. But there are organizations, that can find manufacturers and deliver products to your country.

Import Secrets is one of the leading companies that offer many services that drop shippers need. You will be assigned an agent, and he will help to pick the best supplier with suitable prices.


3. Do suppliers deal with your customers?

These days, most suppliers offer blind drop-shipping. They don’t contact your clients. The main responsibility of the supplier is to produce and deliver to your customer.


4. Can you sell private labeled products?

Yes, it is possible. Some manufacturers can customize the product and its packaging. But not all suppliers can offer this service. So, sometimes you may need to label products in other workshops that are specialized in labeling.

Our agents can help to find manufacturers that can customize and label your product. However, as it was said before, sometimes it may be impossible. In that situation, our specialists can help to organize transportations from factory to workshop and then, shipment to your country.


5. How many products do I need to begin dropshipping?

When you’re beginning this business, it’s enough to have 5-15 products to sell. However, you should have 3-5 main goods. You need them to advertise and attract people’s attention.

But other products have another role, you need them to show the store as alive and real. Another reason for having secondary products is to watch and learn the demands of market. After some sales, you should understand what you will sell more.


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