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Is it profitable to import from China?


There are millions of markets that import only from China. We know it or not, big percent of goods are connected with China in different ways, they are produced in China or produced in Chinese machinery in another country. But even after all of these, there are businesses that are fearful of importing from China.

Why importing from China bring more profit than buying in your country?

  • Lower costs

This is the main but not the unique reason why more and more companies are trying to import from the most populated country in the world.

  • Manufacturing the same product would be cheaper in this country

If the expenses are less in a country the amount of companies would only grow, which will bring the competition between them. And as a result, the same products become cheaper and in higher quality. People think that shipment would be too expensive and the total cost of a product become the sale as local, but they are wrong. Of course, transportation is additional spending but even after all procedures the importer wins in terms of spending.

  • Large volume is not problem for manufacturers.

Most people are concerned about the large quantity that will be imported, but there is no reason for fear. Many factories are specialized exactly for large quantities, and they are ready for that.

Disadvantages of importing from China.

Many beginners face difficulties in importing and stuck in some phases. They try to purchase by themselves or use not trusted agents without experience and as a result, they contact us and ask for help.

Our company consists of experts in various spheres, and they are able to help in any situations that may occur during the importation. We will talk about the disadvantages or pitfalls that may appear if you are importing by yourself.

  • Long purchasing process

Maybe this is the most common problem that companies face during the purchase. The main time stalling factors are language and cultural misunderstanding during negotiations. However, with a specialist that lives in China this time-consuming process can be boosted.

  • Mistakes in negotiations

Most likely this is the general issue that businessmen may have in any country, not only in China. The main reason is lack of skills and experience.

  • Extra expenses

Some importers try to control all the process by themselves and send their personal to China for inspections. However, they didn’t factor wage for worker and spending on trip and others, as a result final expectation is not good as supposed to be.

In order, not to face all these problems our clients prefer to use our services and import safely. Our agents inspect the work of factories locally and try to get review of any factory’s real ex-customers. So, don’t hesitate and contact us.

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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