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What are the profitable business niches with China?


Chinese manufacturers are improving the quality of their products year by year. It is the initiation of the Chinese government aimed to boost the technological potential of China. Production of most simple and material-intensive products are moved to other neighboring countries. Countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and other countries are manufacturing part of the products that used to be produced only in China. However, other goods are manufactured only in China and they are not planning to move to other countries. These niches’ products are being updated pretty constantly. Usually, new innovations and novelties are appearing in these spheres.

Here are the niches that are profitable and rich with novelties.

Mobile electronics

Everything that is connected with phones, headphones, accessories and etc. For example, the release of the new iPhone can boost sales of other accessories, too. Usually, new phones need new cases, earphones, chargers and etc. So, people buy other additional phone accessories, too. You should read the news and think about the products that can be sold together with the newly released phone.


Toys for kids – is one of the most active niches. This niche is updated with novelties every season. Constructors, radio-controlled cars/planes, robots, and other toys are becoming more and more innovative, every year. As we know, parents don't save money on their children and the cost is not essential. But you should pay attention to the quality of the toy’s material and its safety.

Accessories for cars and bicycles.

The number of novelties in the cars’ sphere depends on the release of new car models. So, track the market and read news about cars. Sphere of bicycles is a developing niche and these days it is having too many new accessories. In both situations, you should think about the accessories and extensions that the transport may have in the future.

Gifts and souvenirs

Everyone faces the problem with the gift selection. This becomes the main problem before birthdays, the new year, and other holidays. We buy presents for our bosses, kids, colleges, loved people, parents, and others. It is not always easy to sell cheap gifts but the main aim is to find the right auditory and the right time to sell.  Try to be in trend and consider the coming holidays in the future. The biggest advantage of this niche is that it is easy to print your private label on the product. So, you can build your own business, too. If you consider all these factors, then making money in this niche shouldn’t be an issue

Beauty products

This sphere includes products like eyes, hair, nails, skin care products, manicure, make-up and others. This niche is not standing in one place and it is developing every year. And there is always competition between beauty product manufacturers which boosts the improvement.

Women are ready to pay for high-quality products. In this situation, the stores that sell high-quality products win.

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