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5 myths about importing from Сhina


It has become unimaginable to consider life without Chinese imports. Imported articles from China are now essential around the globe. Many entrepreneurs correctly see that importing from China can be profitable, but many would-be importers have questions which they are unable to answer by themselves. In this article, we will talk about the most common myths and misconceptions regarding importing in bulk from China for your business.


1. All companies on and other platforms are manufacturers!

No, this is not correct. Most companies on Alibaba or other B2B platforms are just middlemen –they claim to be manufacturers, however. It is a challenge to find out if you are working with a manufacturer or reseller. Therefore, it is preferable to work with agents who have direct contact with the manufacturers themselves. The price differences between products directly from producer and those from a reseller are huge.


2. Do Chinese manufacturers know about the EU/US/etc. importing regulations?

Unfortunately, no. Most Chinese suppliers have no idea about shipment rules and import requirements. It is down to you to do it.

If you are not aware of all the details, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced sourcing agent.


3. A couple of emails to suppliers or even a couple of factory visits are sufficient to get a good price!

Wrong. Several visits or emails are not enough to ensure to get your desired price.  The most important key for successful negotiation is to understand the business culture in China. The supplier can easily tell if the other party is experienced or just a beginner.
Negotiating in Chinese and knowing the culture of these negotiations is absolutely essential to achieve a massive price reduction. 


4. All Chinese products are of low quality!

Not true. Data show that China produces goods of various qualities. If there is a poor-quality product, then it is to meet the needs of a specific market. Every item is also produced in high-quality, depending on the manufacture. To decide the right quality for your clients, it is advisable to contact a local agent who can make sure that the product quality is as expected.


5. It will take a long time to get an order shipped!

This depends on the type of product and the manufacturers. If you chose the wrong factory for the product, the factory may take extra time to customize or produce it.

Some businessmen do not know the time it takes between ordering a product and its arrival. This can lead to false expectations and delays. Many suppliers have stocks which are ready to be shipped, you just need to find them.


Work with experts.

Import Secrets is a sourcing agent from China that consists of experienced specialists in the field of importation. We have a team of 23 experts, each with average experience of 10 years.

Our services:

  • Sourcing the product
  • Negotiating
  • Quality check & factory inspection
  • Delivering samples of products to you
  • Organizing the shipment
  • Developing customized products and packages
  • Custom support and much more

Watch our video with samples of our negotiations to achieve savings of up to 90%!

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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