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How to import furniture from China?


In this article, you will get answers to most of your questions about importing furniture and this type of product from China.

Buying Chinese furniture – is it a good idea, or not? If yes, what kind of places are the most appropriate?

Of course, yes. Chinese furniture industry skyrocketed in the last decade, the quality and design have also improved. If you are planning to work with Chinese manufacturers, you should visit special trade shows in Guanzhou, Shanghai or, just work contact with agents that can help you find factories.

Is it profitable to buy from Chinese producers?

Buying furniture for your new company, home or business can affect your wallet, if you don’t know how to buy it and where to buy it . Consequently, most clients prefer to buy and import from China, so they buy at wholesale price(conversation with Chinese factories is important in pricing) If you are planning to buy in wholesale or personalized product, Chinese producers are that whom you were looking for.

In truth, you will be shocked when you see Chinese furniture. The furniture is very beautiful, designs are very similar or even the same as the Italian ones, but often the price is more than 2 times lower. Apart from wholesale importers of furniture, most of our clients prefer to buy furniture for their homes, apartments, and other projects. They also buy other goods such as tiles, bathroom fixtures, lamps, doors, windows, decorations, curtains and etc. The shipping cost is not high. Even if they need to pay for shipping, they can still save at least 50% by importing furniture from China.

IKEA, Havertys and Ashley Furnitureimport – are they produced in China?

International top brands such as IKEA, Havertys, and others import their products from China to the EU or the USA. These big brands, including Ashley furniture, sell Chinese-made furniture in their stores. Ashley Furniture also expanded its business by opening more stores in the Chinese market. Despite the fact that the cost of furniture in the United States has decreased, the demand for Chinese-made furniture continues to grow.

Why China produces better quality furniture than other countries?

In the beginning of its way China was famous only with low-quality products, but in the past decade most of the manufacturers changed their philosophy and developing high technologies in order to produce modern and high-quality products. Even small or medium businesses are trying to make name for themselves and be leaders in this furniture market. In the past decade, lots of famous designers moved to China and producing their products there.

Is the furniture in the factory cheaper than in the market?

Usually, you can find everything you need in furniture markets. However, if you are purchasing a huge quantity, it becomes more reasonable for you to work with factories in order to buy at wholesale prices. At the same time, if you want to make sure that the company is reliable and reputable, you should visit the manufacturer's factory to determine if they can meet your production needs, in order to avoid future problems. However, during the pandemic, when people can’t travel from another country, our company can help you to solve this problem.



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