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What is the quality control of products in China?


Quality test plays a significant role in the success of sales. So, in this article, we will talk about this important theme that can be useful for any businessman that does importation.

There are two types of quality tests that can be conducted with any kind of product. They are general and special inspections.

General inspection includes a thorough inspection of the product for the correspondence to the given standards. This inspection should detect obvious defects and flaws in the product. Especially, it’s aimed to find defects like breakage, rust, discoloration, poor printing of logos and etc

Special inspection is a more advanced way of inspecting and it is done with products that have passed the general inspection. Usually, it is involved with a not big amount of samples. Special inspections include taking its exact dimensions, testing the basic functionalities, checking the functionalities after external forces that can occur in normal use. These tests are created to check the product’s safety and its performance in the different conditions that can affect the customer’s opinion about the good.

Of course, some products may require advanced equipment and test can be done only in special laboratory conditions. However, some controls can be done with any kind of product that is manufactured in China. The tests can be done by hired specialists by you or by the employees of the factory. Here is the list of 5 tests that should be performed before your products leave the factory.

Basic function testing

Testing the basic functionalities of several products shouldn’t be overlooked. The only exceptions are machinery and other complex items, but any kind of small, daily used products should pass this test.

The basic function testing should imitate the way how end-users use the product. This will help to detect obvious but crucial defects during the controls. Actually, the basic function testing can’t guarantee the best performance of the item as it was described by the manufacturer. Because of that biggest companies prefer to hire specialists that can do more advanced tests.

Print sticking test

Print sticking test is really important if it’s branded product or carries important information on the good. Since logos and marks are touched regularly and they can be cleared off. It is vital that they can outstand different conditions.

Usually, textiles and clothes are tested by taking a cloth and rubbing it with another material. If both materials don’t take each other’s colors materials to pass the test.

There are too many tests that can be involved. But they should be done by experts of that job, since they have experience and know better.

Item dimensions and weights

A significant difference in weights and dimensions can indicate quality issues. Items that are underweight may have serious problems with performance. Because they are potentially prepared using less material which will affect the quality.


All these tests can’t guarantee the perfect performance of the product and manufacturers can’t do either. However, experts can help to decrease risks and avoid significant defect rates.

Import Secrets has several experts that can conduct advanced quality inspection tests of different products. Our company helps not only to involve quality tests or do shipping but can help to find the best manufacturer with high-quality products. We have specialists that work with beginners in this sphere and do a consultation.

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