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5 bold reasons to hate Dropshipping


These days, the new model of business is becoming popular. Dropshipping – is new and adapted to modern life, which doesn’t require big financial investments as traditional stores. 

After the crisis in 2008, China became the biggest supplier of goods to drop-shipping stores. In that periods, most businessmen began to discuss the delivery of goods and began to open drop-shipping shops.

In 2021, entrepreneurs don’t have to negotiate or source products, they can use the services of agencies. Import Secrets offers several services that your dropshipping store may need. Our company consists of experienced importers, that have lived in China and know about its market.

So, what are the most hated sides of dropshipping? How they can be avoided or solved? 

1. Packaging

Not everyone knows that packaging also affects the choice of customers. Some researches show that unattractive package can lower sales up to 50%. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers offer products with the best packages. However, our agents can help you to customize the covering of your product.


2. Expectations

Sometimes manufacturers don’t give full information about the product. As a result, you can only hope to have the expected size and quality. When you are selling a particular product, especially clothes, you should know its size in cm. Because the standards of countries and manufacturers can be different.


3. Quality

Quality is the most common issue among dropshippers. They don’t know the exact quality of a product that has been sold. But unlike them, you can use the services of companies that offer quality inspections. They visit the factory and conduct tests, compare samples, and test on real-life conditions. Customers will ask about the quality. In that case, you should be sure about it. Otherwise, it will affect your reputation.


4. Shipping can be expensive

Shipping can differ from your expectations. For example, you are selling products from several suppliers. If your customer orders one product from one supplier and one product from another supplier, then you should pay for delivery for each item. But sometimes it can be possible to group all of that products and ship them as one product.


5. Inventory isn’t guaranteed

It’s difficult to be sure if the stock is available because it isn’t in your control. If the warehouse is not full enough, for any reason, and you are not aware of that, then this may create issues. For example, you may sell products that you don’t actually have. This will increase the number of unsatisfied customers. But this happens, if you have a language barrier or misunderstandings. Our company consists of experienced importers that are fluent in Chinese and English at the same time.


We offer services like:

  • Source the product
  • Negotiate
  • Organize the shipment
  • Deliver samples of products
  • Develop customized products and packages
  • etc.

For further information, please contact us.

Contact us for a free research or if you want to know more about importing goods from Asia. We are online 24/7!


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