Why should I choose you?

We have been serving our customers for more than 5 years. Our team consists of specialists that have been living in Chinese for the past 10 years. So, we know the Chinese market and unexpected pitfalls that may appear during the importation and we will help you to avoid them. You will be assigned an agent, our workers are fluent in Chinese and English, so there won’t be any gaps in the communication.

Offering win-win service is one of the main aims. Our staff will negotiate the possible lowest price for the product in proper quality. Agents will ensure that the product corresponds to the quality standards of your country. We offer our customers services to handle different tasks in their business. Such as product sourcing, quality inspection, shipping, sample delivery, and others.

We use the latest technologies to have transparent and real-time reports. Import Secrets is an independent company, we are not tied with any organization and we can work with any manufacturer. Our specialists will do their best to source competitive products for you.

Our help will only reduce your expenses in long term. You will save time, optimize costs, get high-quality products and increase sales.

Our company has importation experience of all product types. Especially, furniture, textile, fashion, toys, etc. We have specialists that find any product at a competitive price.

Who will work with me a person or a team?

You will be assigned an agent. He will work with you and answer your questions 24/7. So, your inquiries will be conducted efficiently.

Can you find a product if I don’t know the name of a manufacturer?

The most efficient way to find the product in China is to know the name of the manufacturer. But we have enough sources to deliver the needed product, even if you don’t know the name of the product, the photo can be enough. There are some cases when our specialists sourced products knowing only the descriptions.

Do you perform the quality inspection by yourself or hire another organization?

We have our own experienced team located in China. They can do pre-production, in-line, and post-production quality inspections.

How many years of experience does your company have?

We have specialists that have been working in the sphere of importation for more than 5 years. But our company has been serving clients for 11 years.

Do you have a free package, so I could check the quality of service?

Yes, we have a “Test us” package for our new customers. Here are you can read about the package test-us-for-free/.

Will you share the manufacturer’s contacts with me?

At first, we always tried to build a customer-trusted company. Our agents will do their best, so you won’t need to call or message the manufacturer. But as our system is always transparent, we can provide you with the contact of the factory.

This option is available not for everyone. New customers that use the “Test us” package can’t get contact details, but other regular clients can.

Why you don’t give contacts of factories to anyone who asks?

Our agents do search and work on finding and building relations with reliable factories. So, we can’t distribute their results to everyone.

I do not want to involve myself in the importation process. Can you import on our behalf?

We have representatives in several countries and offer special services for that regions.

Importation without involving you can be available in your location. Please, contact us for further information.

How will I pay the supplier?

Different manufacturers may require different payment methods. But in general, you can transfer via the bank or L/C, depending on the agreement.

Some suppliers may ask for up to 30% of the payment as a deposit.

If you will have issues with the payment method, you can contact your agent. You will be able to arrange it through us.

Do you offer warehouses if I am purchasing from various manufacturers?

Yes, we can offer you warehouses depending on your product type and required conditions. We will organize the delivery of goods to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the destination.