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  • Save up to 90% of your procurement costs for bulk orders with the help of your sourcing agent Import Secrets!
  • You don't need to fly to China.
  • We speak Chinese and are in direct contact with factories, can reduce the price for every product and visit any location in China.
  • Increase the success of your e-commerce business today by cutting costs!
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Negotiating the best purchase price for you

With a team of sourcing experts who speak fluent Mandarin, but also English, we are able to negotiate much better rates than any English speaker. Many buyers try to negotiate themselves and end up overpaying suppliers. As a wholesaler you will benefit from huge discounts if you understand the Chinese business culture. Challenge us as your agent and get your quote today, so we can find the best rate for any product you name.

Minimizing your risks with inspections

Our specialists will visit the factory where the products are manufactured and check the quality standards of the production. We are located in China which will increase the speed of each inspection. What makes us also different from many other sourcing agents is that we don´t work with any hidden fees or hidden commissions. With your membership, you will benefit from all our services for just a small monthly fee and minimal commission.

Find products for your online store, dropshipping or FBA-business

Experienced sourcing agents will find the products you want. We use our contacts and local knowledge to find high-quality goods at the best price for you. We only consider manufacturers with excellent ratings. As a wholesaler you will benefit from huge discounts, so you will increase your profit at the same time. Even if you are not sure yet which goods to import, we are happy to guide you.

Customs and regulatory guidelines

If you want to import goods in bult to many jurisdictions, you should keep in mind that each country has different regulations. We will help you to optimize customs, advise you on products which contain high risks or high customs, help you understand all guidelines and use them for your advantage. We know the regulations in 195 different countries with specialization in US, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, France and all European countries.

Fantastic advantages you will get as a member

  • Import goods for the lowest price in bulk orders and generate happy returning clients with high quality products!
  • Increase your selection of products without travelling anywhere.
  • You will be able to focus on marketing
    and sales and won't need to worry about importing ever again.

Who are we at Import Secrets?

We are a team of 23 experts and sourcing agents with offices in Singapore and China with a passion for goods. Import-Secrets was created by its founders Firdavs Ishanov and Max Jin. Both have an outstanding experience in importing goods from Asia in bulk and worked in this field for some of the biggest e-commerce companies worldwide. But both were looking for more to unfold their creativity. 5 years ago they had the idea to help entrepreneurs who struggled dealing with Asian companies with their knowledge. Some businesses complained about late shipments, low quality products, huge hidden commissions and unreliable suppliers.

The disadvantages are mostly faced by foreign buyers who don’t have enough knowledge about the Asian market yet and are often seen as easy targets for scammers. Finding a Chinese speaker in the US or Europe is also extremely difficult, especially someone with the required experience as an importer. That's how the idea of import-secrets was born. Both quit their regular jobs in managerial positions in two different large trading firms and started their own business with the aim of becoming the world’s best sourcing agents. This was the birth of Import Secrets

One of the most outstanding advantages is that Import-Secrets is available for all sizes of businesses. We work with some of the biggest retailers in the world, but also with startups like dropshipping companies who have ambitious business ideas and start from the scratch. We both never had the aim to start our own online shop. We are pure b2b people.

We saved our loyal members millions of Dollars and optimized the processes between suppliers and them. Wholesaler from many countries trust us and we are extremely proud to provide high quality services to our members.

Till today Import-Secrets is the only service of its kind and we receive daily an average number of more than 150 requests of e-commerce businesses.

To handle all these requests we have an innovative business model. With an exclusive membership businesses around the globe can benefit from our experience and get the right products for their customers. Our fees are always transparent and fair.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your business as well, contact us today and become our member.

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Online stores we advise


Total sales of our clients

$ 12.5 bln

Our suppliers


Forget from now on the following problems:

No more products with poor quality

Before you buy any goods we will check the quality of samples and will send you a report or we send the samples directly to you without shipping costs (for Pro-members and above).

No more language barriers

Not many Chinese producers are fluent in English. To avoid misunderstandings our multilingual team will communicate directly with you and the suppliers in their language.

No more problems with returned goods

Unhappy clients return their products which generates loss and often negative feedback for your company. We can help you reducing this percentage significantly by finding reliable high quality suppliers. Your clients will be even more happy.

Overpayment of import duties?

Mistakes on customs forms can cost a lot of money. We have in-house customs experts who will sort out all the paperwork for you. In the unlikely event of a mistake resulting in additional costs, our insurance would compensate your company.

Overpayment for transport services?

We know the fastest and cheapest way to ship your container or smaller order from Asia to your country. Do not be forced to wait several weeks for your goods to arrive. If you dispatch goods directly from China to your customers (drop-shipping), we can help you find inexpensive and reliable shipping solutions.

Save time

We should all focus on what we do best – our professions. Allow us to handle the whole importing process for your company. From negotiation, quality inspections, placing orders through to the point the shipment arrives at your warehouse. You can focus on your main business activities and grow your business. Save yourself time and money by reducing the expenses involved in sourcing your products.

Take a look at some of our members success stories

Have a look at how much our members were already able to save after importing from China with our help. In the following cases, our members thought that they had already got the best price available on the market, but following our involvement in the negotiations, the prices dropped significantly.

Gaming chair

  • Regular sales price on

  • Wholesale price on Alibaba


“Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

23$ ?

Member saved $37,- per item which is $7.000,- per container

This computer hardware store saved more than 300.000 USD at this and other products in a time period of one year. The supplier was not the producer, even though the store thought so. We found the real producer and negotiated a fine deal.

  • Outdoor furniture set

    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    282$ ?

    Member saved $318,- per item which is $4.500,- per container

    We helped our beloved customer to decrease the cost per set by several times. Found faster and safer way of shipment for a slightly expensive cost.

    Bed sheet set

    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    3.70$ ?

    Member saved $4.10 per item which is $4.000,- per order.

    Textile is one of the most developed spheres in China. Most American fashion brands produce their products in China. Our clients also prefer to import from China and sell in the EU, the US, or Canada. We could save more than 700.000 USD of our customers.

    Toy (bone) for dogs

    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    1.08$ ?

    Member saved $1.42 per item which is $3.000,- per order.

    We saved 100.000 USD on this particular product by reducing the costs to only 5 USD

    Baby Yoda plush

    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    1.54$ ?

    Member saved $37,- per item which is $2.900,- per order.

    This client saved more than half of the procurement costs. Important to add that also this product is fully licensed and original and there is no difference in quality.

    Digital scale

    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    3.4$ ?

    Member saved $4.20 per item which is $4.000,- per order.

    Our customer, a sport store, decided to finally outsource the import part to us.
    Till today the client saved more than 120.000 USD after we negotiated the “local price” for him.



    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    7.69$ ?

    Member saved $4.31 per item which is $4.300,- per order.

    Most school supplies are imported from China. This is one example of a retailer who works with us since 2019. The costs of supply was reduced by around 150.000 USD.


    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    2.9$ ?

    Member saved $1.6 per item which is $3.200,- per order.

    Sunglasses are easily labeled and massively sold in particular seasons. This product creates an opportunity to create a store with its own brand. Our agents helped to make customized sunglasses and packages for online and traditional stores. We could save more than 50% of the expenses of dropshipping and retailing shops.

    Smart watch

    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    10.3$ ?

    Member saved $11.70 per item which is $5.500,- per order.

    Sometimes we lose believe of how different the pricing for the same product can be. In this case our client paid 35 USD per piece on a high quantity and we negotiated a price of only 10 USD.
    Reason for the excellent pricing was as well that we have a strong relation to this specific Chinese producer. We can save up to 60% on smart watches and accessories.

    Clothes folder

    • Regular sales price on

    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    1.52$ ?

    Member saved $1.98 per item which is $2.900,- per order.

    Clothes folder can become your best seller product since most housewives prefer buying this item. We found the same quality good for around 10 times cheaper price.

    Professional Comb

    • Regular sales price on

      39.99 $?
    • Wholesale price on Alibaba


    “Best” wholesale price and final price after negotiation

    8.8$ ?

    Member saved $4.20 per item which is $4.100,- per order.

    The professional comb can be sold in gift shops, supermarkets, online stores, cosmetic shops, and other types of stores. We could find a product with the same functionalities and quality for a cheaper price by several times.

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    We know the market in China, the business culture, we know how to negotiate and how to detect high quality producers.

    So far we dealt with over 2300 different suppliers in China. Our aim is to find for you the best deal for the products of your choice to save you a major amount of money.

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    We stay with you the whole time, keeping in touch with you and your suppliers to ensure the process runs smoothly. Ongoing support is part of our service to you.

    Do you have any more questions?

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    For this reason we recommend strongly using WhatsApp or Telegram chat to keep in touch.

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